Pundit Roundup

The Atlantic on the launch of the "Women Vote Trump" super PAC:

It is difficult to convey the weirdness of the June 9 launch of the new Women Vote Trump super PAC. Watching a tiny, smiley, meticulously coiffed actress, resplendent in a black cocktail dress and kick-ass red heels, fantasize about going medieval on radical Islamists was among the more incongruous moments in the hour-long roll out. But it was hardly the most colorful—or the most illuminating—one.

Jaclyn Friedman on Why Hillary Clinton Being the 'First Woman' President Matters:

Honestly, being a woman who supports Hillary for any reason has been hard enough this cycle that I’m currently in four of the countless secret pro-Hillary groups that have proliferated on Facebook. Many thousands of people gather daily in these virtual rooms to commiserate and strategize about the sexism we face when we support Clinton, and share our excitement about her — her policies and politics, her superhuman tenacity, her legendary pantsuits, and yes, what she symbolizes. That we feel compelled to do most of this in private just illustrates how powerfully threatening that symbol is to the gender status quo. Which is exactly why it’s so important.

And on the other side: Hillary's historic nomination isn't a victory for women, it's a betrayal

News Roundup: "This is f*cking unprecedented stuff."



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SPOILER: "This is f*cking unprecedented stuff."

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From the Boston Globe:

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump has paid men on his campaign staff one-third more than women, while Hillary Clinton has compensated men and women equally, according to a Globe analysis of payroll data for both campaigns.

Trump’s campaign staff is also far less diverse than that of his likely Democratic opponent. Only about 9 percent of his team are minorities, compared with nearly a third of Clinton’s staff.

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"Because she knows how to fight."

Shakesville's Melissa McEwan over at Blue Nation Review:

She is ready. Every word of her speech conveyed her readiness. She sounded smart, she sounded strong, and she sounded like she was having fun. She was in her zone.

Because she knows how to fight. She wouldn’t be where she is now if she didn’t know how to fight bigots and bullies. Trust that.

She didn’t get where she is—the first woman to stand on the precipice of the US presidency—by accident or luck. She made her way to the podium, today, following a long journey littered with barriers and brawls that would leave most mere mortals in a crumpled heap.

Well, we finally hit rock bottom.

From Huffington Post:

Donald Trump likes to brag about how he’s doing in the polls, but this is one he probably won’t mention. 

A new “indecent proposal” poll of 1,000 adult Americans by 360couponcodes.comreveals that 53.1 percent of women wouldn’t have sex with the Donald for $1 million.

According to the sex survey, conducted May 26-27, nearly 55 percent of men wouldn’t hump Trump for a million bucks either.

However, that doesn’t mean the respondents aren’t open to negotiation. 

According to the poll, Trump would have to offer an average of $1,354,830.83 before the women respondents would agree to sex. Men would settle, on average, for $1,099,872.67 to do the deed.

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'Sure, it’s possible he’s still figuring out his strategy for “winning” against the mosquitos'

From Jennifer Gerson Uffalussy in FUSION:

Another way Trump is terrifying for women? He hasn’t said a word about fighting Zika.

While the world obsesses over the Zika virus—with concerned leaders of all political leanings debating every aspect of the outbreak, fromfunding to whether the Olympics in Rio should be called off—one person who has stayed uncharacteristically mum on the subject is Republican nominee and former (and debatably current) reality television star Donald J. Trump.

Sure, it’s possible he’s still figuring out his strategy for “winning” against the mosquitos that spread the virus. But the fact that Trump has avoided discussing Zika—one of the largest threats to public health in recent history—not only highlights yet another knowledge area in which he seems lacking but underscores his well-documented and systemic disregard for women.

Why? Because Zika is undeniably a women’s issue, and one that relies heavily on women maintaining their reproductive rights—rights that The Donald has attacked.

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"While a chunk of American men may delight in The Donald’s chest-thumping, stubby-fingered machismo, women remain less charmed."

Great piece in the Atlantic today by Michelle Cottle:

The Lament of the Anti-Trump Republican Women

What could possibly be more ulcer-inducing than being a member of the endlessly repudiated and humiliated Republican establishment this election cycle? Easy: being a female member of said establishment.

It’s unsettling enough that Donald Trump has emerged as the GOP standard bearer despite his lack of qualifications, his congenital dishonesty, and his vaguely fascist disposition. On top of all that, the guy is a misogynist. And while a chunk of American men may delight in The Donald’s chest-thumping, stubby-fingered machismo, women remain less charmed. The most recent CBS/New York Times poll shows Trump with a 60 percent unfavorability rating among the ladies. The latest Fox News poll puts it at 63 percent.

This is, needless to say, a worrisome development for many of the women activists, strategists, and fundraisers who have spent the past few years laboring to improve the GOP’s outreach to and standing with female voters. How best to manage the Donald—Ignore him? Attack him? Work quietly to keep him from tanking down-ballot candidates?—has become a source of much discussion, and growing tension, among the party’s women power players.  

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